Summer Psalms

Sermons In This Series

Summer Psalms: God our Shepherd and Host

Part: 24
September 10, 2017
[Psalm 23] What does it mean that the Lord is the Shepherd and Host for his people?

Summer Psalms: Darkness to Dawn

Part: 23
September 3, 2017
[Psalm 22] In Psalm 22 David turns to God in the blackest darkness of suffering and trusts in God for a brilliant dawn of praise.

Summer Psalms: A Rejoicing People

Part: 22
August 27, 2017
[Psalm 21] Followers of Jesus should be known as people who rejoice in God.

Summer Psalms: In God We Trust

Part: 21
August 20, 2017
[Psalm 20] What does a lifestyle of trusting God look like?

Summer Psalms: Responding to Deliverence

Part: 19
August 6, 2017
[Psalm 18] How do we respond to the deliverance of God? Speaker: Darrius Hubbard

Summer Psalms: A Soul-Satisfying God

Part: 17
July 23, 2017
[Psalm 16] Why is knowing God the all-satisfying answer to the deepest longings of our soul?

Summer Psalms: Trials and Trust

Part: 14
July 2, 2017
[Psalm 13] In Psalm 13, David wrestles with God in the midst of extreme turmoil.

Summer Psalms: Crisis and Confidence

Part: 12
June 18, 2017
[Psalm 11] In Psalm 11, David responds to crisis with confident faith in the Lord.

Summer Psalms: Staggering Injustice, Immense Hope

Part: 11
August 21, 2016
[Psalm 10] How should followers of Jesus respond when confronted by injustice and oppression? Guest Speaker: James Tucker

Summer Psalms: Adoring God

Part: 9
August 7, 2016
[Psalm 8] Seeing God’s glory and thinking about His goodness towards us should lead to us adoring Him! Guest Speaker: Darrius Hubbard

Summer Psalms: Wounding Words

Part: 8
July 31, 2016
[Psalm 7] How should a follower of Jesus respond to verbal attacks?

Summer Psalms: Christian Lament

Part: 5
July 10, 2016
[Psalm 5] From Disorienation to Reorientation: Christian Lament

Summer Psalms: Save Me, Lord!

Part: 3
June 26, 2016
[Psalm 3] In Psalm 3 David prays that God would save him from his adversaries.

Summer Psalms: Take Refuge in the King

Part: 2
June 19, 2016
[Psalm 2] Psalm 2 invites the rebellious to take refuge in the Divine King.

Summer Psalms: Two Ways to Live

Part: 1
June 12, 2016
[Psalm 1] True joy is found in knowing God and walking in the path of righteousness.

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