Antioch Community Church


Following Jesus is about responding to his love for us by loving him. One way to express our love for him is to serve others. Here are some of the ways we serve together as a community.

Community Groups

Community Groups are at the heart of what we are about as a church. These small groups focus on applying the Word to their lives in order to become more mature followers of Jesus Christ who engage the world around them with the transforming power of the gospel.


We acknowledge our complete dependence upon God and strive to be people of faith and prayer. We have a team of people who will pray with you during the worship service and pray for Antioch and our community throughout the week. Join us every Sunday morning at 9:30am for pre-service prayer.

Kids and Family

The family ministry team’s goal is to create spaces where little ones feel welcome, know they are loved, and learn the truth about who God is and how He loves them. On Sundays that involves Nursery, Kid’s Church, and child-friendly activities at tables in the meeting room.


We believe the church is a family, and we want to welcome everyone to Antioch the way Jesus has welcomed us into His family. The hospitality team is divided into two teams, Setup and Greeters. The Setup team is responsible for making coffee and treats before the service, serving communion, and other organizational things. The Greeters are the smiles at the doors, ushers, and question-answerers, welcoming everyone and getting you connected in whatever way you need.

Worship Band

Music is a vital part of our worship services. While it is not as culturally prevalent as it once was, corporate singing is a way to proclaim the truth of Jesus in a creative and memorable way. The worship band is not here to perform but rather to direct our hearts and minds toward Jesus.


This team is responsible for making sure our space and everything behind the scenes is prepared for the Sunday service. They also everything related to sound, visuals, recordings, room layout, and sermon posting.

Gospel Partnerships

Antioch has partners and missionaries across the world, and church planters across the city. This team coordinates communication and support between them and the larger church family. You can see all our Gospel Partners displayed on the wall at Antioch. If you’d like to know more or be on anyone’s mailing list we can get you connected.

Community Mission

Community Mission is our label for the “hands and feet” work we do as a church. We want to preach the gospel with both our words and our deeds, and make a difference in our community. We want to ask the question, “If Antioch were to disappear, would our city notice?” and want the answer be a resounding “YES!”