Antioch Community Church

Two Resources on “Stewardship”

Jan 25, 2010 | by Andy O'Rourke

There are a couple excellent books by Randy Alcorn that I’m using during preparation for our current preaching series at Antioch entitled “God, Stewardship, & Giving.”  The first book is The Treasure Principle.  This is a great introduction to an eternal perspective on money and possessions.  It’s very practical and best of all, very short!  Our Community Groups are going through this book in conjunction with Sunday’s sermons.  The second resource from Alcorn that I would highly recommend is called Money, Possessions, and Eternity. This is a longer, more thorough treatment of the topic.  It goes into great detail regarding many of the questions one might have.  Also, Alcorn does a great job interacting with key biblical passages.

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