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7 tips for including kids in your Community Group

Jul 11, 2011 | by Coley Waataja

[Reposted from Jordan Mogck’s blog, an ACC Community Group leader.]

1. Have storytime often

Tell the story of God. To help keep their attention, you could ask some of the kids to help act it out.

2. Sing a lot of songs

Don’t sing songs that have a lot of obscure words. If you don’t know what it means, neither will they.  Sing boisterously and make up motions!

3. Keep discussions brief

If including kids in discussion time, remember that their attention span is about as many minutes as their age (plus or minus 2).

4. Eat

Everyone needs it…might as well do it together!

5. Rotate time with the kids

Kids don’t always have to be part of every group activity. They may/should have time just playing together. Have a rotation of adults to play with them so that adults (other than the parents) get a chance to get to know the kids in the group and vice versa.

6. Serve in the neighborhood

Kids are great at breaking social norms and always eager to get dirty. Find creative ways for harnessing those traits outside your normal meeting place. Clean a nearby park, help an elderly neighbor garden, throw a barbeque or bonfire for families. Let them do their thing.

7. Learn

The tendency of ‘grown up’ groups is to think that doing kid-appropriate things is somehow less spiritual. If done regularly, many will leave feeling unsatisfied. Combat such a mentality by holding kids up as examples of what we need to be to enter the kingdom of God (Jesus did; cf Matthew 18:3).

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