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Women of Christmas

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In the first chapter of the Gospel of Matthew we’re introduced to the Christmas story. Jesus Christ was miraculously born of a virgin named Mary. In this same chapter (Matthew 1:1-17), we find a record of Jesus’ genealogy, stretching back through the Old Testament all the way to Abraham. But, this family tree has some surprising people included in it. Matthew specifically mentions four women, each with unique stories of their own. Some of their stories were scandalous, and all of them had significant “baggage.” The stories of these women in Jesus’ family tree point us to the great God and Savior we worship at Christmas.

Women of Christmas: Bathsheba

Part: 4 • Dec 22, 2019 • Duration: 36:08

Matthew 1:1-6; 2 Samuel 11-12

Women of Christmas: Tamar

Part: 1 • Dec 1, 2019 • Duration: 33:16

Genesis 38; Matthew 1:1-6

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