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This series starts Sunday, September 8 and will highlight different people throughout the gospels who had life-changing encounters with Jesus Christ. People from different backgrounds with different issues all had one thing in common; once they met Jesus, they were never the same. Jesus met men and women where they were at and radically transformed their lives. The good news is that Jesus wants to do the same thing in each of our lives today!

Changed by Jesus: From Questioner to Worshipper

Part: 3 • Sep 22, 2019 • Duration: 32:33

[John 1:43-51] Jesus demonstrated his divinity and ability to read hearts to call people to follow him.
Speaker: Darrius Hubbard

Changed by Jesus: Rescued Sinners Become Friends With Sinners

Part: 2 • Sep 15, 2019 • Duration: 39:58

[Matthew 9:9-13] In Matthew 9:9-13, Jesus demonstrated his mission to call lost people to follow him, despite the criticism it attracted.

Changed by Jesus: Forever Changed

Part: 1 • Sep 8, 2019 • Duration: 23:32

[Luke 5:1-11] In Luke 5:1-11 Jesus calls his first disciples to follow him, and they’re changed forever.
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