Antioch Community Church

Northeast and Beyond

We are in an exciting new season! Our church family has moved into the Waterbury building. We are so excited to use this new space, trusting that God will provide for our needs and use it to further the gospel throughout “Northeast and Beyond.”

The Story

Ten years ago, Antioch Community Church was just a dream beginning to take shape. A handful of us dreamed of a church in Northeast Minneapolis that would reach the next generation, raise up leaders, and plant new churches. We wanted a place where people would be drawn into community, grow in the gospel, and live every day on mission with Jesus.

By God’s grace, Antioch Community Church has become such a place! God has blessed us, and now we’ve outgrown our space. Our leaders have been looking for a more permanent facility according to the following criteria:

  • Located in Northeast Minneapolis
  • Wise stewardship
  • Adequate space for our church family
  • 24/7 access and control
  • Serves as a tool for greater mission in the city

God has met each of those needs in a place called the Waterbury Building, located in the heart of Northeast Minneapolis. We are so excited for this new space, trusting that God will provide for our needs and use it to further the gospel throughout “Northeast and beyond.”

Give to the Waterbury Build-out


Waterbury Building
1121 Jackson St NE, #110
Minneapolis, MN 55413

March 4, 2018

Our first service in the new building!

August 2017-February 2018

Construction, Construction, Construction.

July 2017

New Lease and construction begins.

June 2017

More fundraising and finalizing design.

May 2017

Fundraising and working on the renovation design.

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Parking Map

Parking Map


Why are we moving even though it’s more expensive?

We have been incredibly blessed to have a place to worship for the last nine years, but we have outgrown the space especially as it relates to kids! We need more classrooms so we can have smaller class sizes and multiple nurseries. We also are excited to not have to setup and tear down every Sunday. The energy and volunteers that requires can be redirected toward more people-oriented mission. Last but not least, we are excited to have a space in the heart of NE Minneapolis all week long to serve as a hub for ministry in the city.

Why are we renting instead of purchasing a building?

In short, property in NE is expensive and there has not been anything on the market that meets our needs. More importantly, we believe the church is not all about having a building. A space to call home is incredibly helpful, but it doesn’t matter if we own or rent as long as we are being wise stewards of our resources and using what we have to share the love of Jesus with our community.

How much money do we need to raise?

This new facility will increase our monthly rent, and we have challenged our own church family to sacrificially give toward this monthly budget increase. Additionally, before we move into the new space a significant construction build-out is required which will cost approximately $300,000.

Is Antioch going to change or become more "program based" as it gets bigger?

It’s true that this move signifies a new season in the life of Antioch. And a permanent space may even allow us to offer more things, but our core values and beliefs remain unchanged. We are still first and foremost about living out the gospel in community on mission. Everything we do will continue to be motivated by reaching people with the gospel of Jesus and making disciples who make disciples.

How will moving to the Waterbury building affect future church planting efforts?

By God’s grace, we have been able to send out one church plant (CityVision, now called Park Community Church) when we were about five years old, but we want to do a lot more than that. With a permanent space we will be able to grow a stronger base of people and finances with which to better support planters and church plants. We will also have more physical space to offer church planting residents as they learn and prepare. By planting more churches we will be able to better reach Northeast and Beyond.

How can I be involved? How can I help?

Pray. Give. Serve.

More than anything, we need your prayers. Please pray that we would raise the necessary funds, that Antioch as family would be unified in our mission as we move, and that we would be a greater blessing to the community by being in this new space.

The build-out cost is $300,000. This is a huge step of faith for us. If you are able to give, check out our Giving page. You can select “Northeast and Beyond” to give toward the build-out, or the General Fund if you would like to set up a recurring gift or tithe.

We will also need more volunteers in the new space, especially regarding kid’s ministry and hospitality ministry. The parking at Waterbury is plentiful but can be confusing to first timers, so we will need a robust parking and greeting team, as well as the usual ushers and coffee servers. If you have been coming to Antioch and would like to get involved in serving, talk to Coley or any of our ministry team leaders.

Please email us if you have any other questions.