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Compelled by Christ’s Love to Invite

Feb 16, 2019 | by Nate Krampe

We are children of God. We are objects of God’s mercy. We are free in Christ. Listen to this sermon by guest pastor Dan Moose as he explores what it means to be “Compelled by Christ’s Love to Invite.” Taste how great our Savior is!

Jan 6, 2019 • Duration: 45:54

Compelled by Christ’s Love to Invite

[1 Cor 9:19-23] Speaker: Dan Moose


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[00:00:01] Good morning. Let’s do better than that. Good morning. If you’re not awake you’ve got to be awake. If I preach in because I might go to sleep you know I’m the only one here so why get away that way. It’s great to be with you today. Some you may not know. I’m Dan Moose. My wife Cheryl. And I’ve been a part of the church here for probably five, six years now.

[00:00:23] And I also have the privilege of helping in the north central district with the Evangelical Free Church which we’re a part of to be overseeing church starting new churches. So that’s my other exciting calling which I enjoy. Before we go to the sermon let’s bow for word of prayer.

[00:00:42] Father God we just humbly come before you today and say Lord we’re your children we’re here to have you speak to our hearts. We’re asking for you to work through the power of your Holy Spirit to take the message that you’ve laid on my heart. Lord use it however you want to. To build up your kingdom. To strengthen each of us so that we might be able to serve you more effectively and to really be a part of advancing your kingdom. Father we pray that you would bring life change to us not just another time of year. We also pray for all the other ministries are going on in the building here right now. We asked that you would guide and direct in those two and Lord ministers through the individuals that you’ve given leadership over to the children and care for the children. Thank you Lord for what you’re going to do for we ask in Jesus name.

[00:01:43] A man am I supposed to release the children. The children’s time. Kids you’re allowed to go if you’re up to fifth grade right. That means you have to stay Andy.

[00:01:53] So if you do it this first time you ever heard me preach I got a lot of feedback back here. If there’s a lot of first time you’ve heard preach there’s one thing I do not ask rhetorical questions.

[00:02:11] What’s that mean Jen OK.

[00:02:15] We want you to talk to me so I know a couple of times today where we specifically have some lists that we want you to help develop as we close out the service. So we will give you that privilege and I enjoy that. As we think of churches I see most gospel churches there’s really two different types. There’s the welcoming church and there’s the inviting church. The welcoming church and also I see the same among followers of Christ. There’s one to welcome people to Christ, And then there’s ones who go in and invite and let me give you a few definitions and then I want a studio thinking first of all as we’re looking at a welcoming church a welcoming church is one who strives to make everyone who comes to the fellowship to feel welcome. They try to make their worship service and the church events so that they can share Jesus Christ but they just want people to come to them. It’s really that where you’re welcome to come if you come. We’re glad to have you here and we’re going to help you grow in your walk with Christ. And we also look at that of another term for that is to come to. We will put out announcements so you know when we’re doing things come to be with us. Now there’s another style which is the inviting churches and followers of Jesus who strive to go to people and invite them into a relationship with Jesus Christ through their lifestyle and through their words. These are people and you know you and don’t you that are always out there they’re always have somebody. I had a friend that my first pastor at I was an intern. This guy had to he had the gift of evangelism regularly was leading people to Christ. And that was just the way Scott was Scott just had that heart for and just he was always inviting always inviting and that they have a lifestyle living out their faith and inviting people to come and taste and see who Jesus is they go to they’re always proactive because they’re out there and they’re not waiting for people to come to them they’re going to go to people. Here’s a question for you. Most of us as a church how would you see our church.

[00:04:27] Are we a welcoming church or are we an inviting church what do you think?

[00:04:35] Welcoming. What do you say that?

[00:04:46] Anything else any other reason. Anybody else.

[00:04:49] What do you think.

[00:04:50] Are we a welcoming or are we a church gives out invites? That’s not a hard.

[00:05:13] Here’s a question is it bad to be welcoming is a better be inviting.

[00:05:20] No. Did you hear me.

[00:05:24] We need both. Yes you’re right. No you didn’t hear me. Yes we did both. We do need those who are welcoming. We need those who are inviting but the trouble is. Now here’s the next question. And you brought it up as an individual. Are you the welcoming type are you the inviting type?

[00:05:46] I’m not asking you to raise your hand and tell me that that’s something I want you to think about because what I want us to do is we need to realize that for many of us it’s much more comfortable be welcoming.

[00:05:59] It’s much more comfortable just be walking through life living life. And a lot of times living a godly life but people just know we’re good. My neighbor for example the other day he had our work in about six months ago where we work in and I hit myself for the wrench and he said I didn’t say that. He said You can swear Moose, but that’s just not the way I do it.

[00:06:29] And so you know he he does it well we will top that story later. But the thing is it’s so easy for me to be welcoming and not inviting. And you have to realize if we’re going to advance the Kingdom of God we have to become inviting people. How Are we going to reach northeast Minneapolis If we don’t become inviting? How many people out there are going to walk through those doors? One or two? Because they don’t know what Christianity is.

[00:07:11] And right now a lot of them don’t care is that fair.

[00:07:17] And so how how do we get that? What’s a heart and a lifestyle where we’re inviting people? I want us to look at a passage in First Corinthians 9 and you turn your Bibles First Corinthians 9 19-23. I want us to look at this passage because this passage Paul shares what an inviting lifestyle looks like you have to realize the context of this passage is that Paul is he sharing it is he is in a whole passage of Chapter 9.

[00:07:56] He’s talking about his rights. I have I’m an apostle. I have the right to this but I don’t want that. I have these rights and but then he changes all of a sudden when he gets into verse 19 and I want you to do after we read it to tell me that the main themes out of this because they’re very clear.

[00:08:16] Paul says though I am free and belong to no one. I’ve made myself a slave to everyone to win as many as possible to the Jews I became like a Jew to win the Jews.

[00:08:29] To those under the law I became like one under the law. Though I myself am not under the law so as to win those who are under the law to those not having a law became like one not having the law though I am not free from God’s law. But under Christ’s law so as to win those not having the law to the weak I became weak to win the weak.

[00:08:54] I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some. I do this for the sake of the Gospel that I may share in this blessing.

[00:09:08] What are the main themes that Paul’s repeated six times? To win as many as possible.

[00:09:24] What’s the other one.

[00:09:30] I become what become like them.

[00:09:33] You see that and Paul says if you want to summon up you see it there in verse 22. He where he says I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some what is Paul talking about.

[00:09:51] Paul here I believe Paul is saying hey I don’t have to do this but because of the love of Christ. Because what guys doing. I’m compelled to become like other people. So what. So they might be drawn to Jesus do you see how this is an inviting lifestyle. He has a lifestyle where he’s going out and he’s saying that he’s going to go to the Jews. I’m going to become like a Jew and he did that whenever he went to minister any new town. He went first to the Jewish synagogues and he shared Christ and then one day they would say we don’t need any more of that. He would go on to other people and then he would talk to the Gentiles. Those not under the law. But he said I could relate. And we start to see hot what Paul’s doing.

[00:10:36] How did Paul do this. Well how did he become all things to all people to win some? I think the first thing is it was a decision of his will.

[00:10:46] He made a personal decision in his call to Christ that he was going to do wherever you go. He was going to become like them so he could connect with them and really know them. It was very intentional you know you can say well he’s wishy washy. He became like this person like this person. No no no no no.

[00:11:08] The Gospel was the gospel was very clear to Paul. We all know that right.

[00:11:12] And he preached it very clearly and he lived it very clearly so he wasn’t compromised the message he was doing this so that he could connect so he went when he was with the Jews. I’m going to work to do best I do. And he would give up what he ate or whatever so that he could be like those people he wanted to connect so that they could he could share the gospel of Jesus Christ so that he could bring some to Christ. Again, his goal was to win as many as possible. So not only was it a decision it was his lifestyle. It was something he was doing. Wherever he go he would do that. It’s not something turn off and on. I don’t know about you it’s easy. I hear a sermon about we need to be reaching out to people what do I do for the next week? You do the same Right? I see the smiles. We think about it. No. This was his lifestyle. Wherever he went he was living this out. He would go to this town to that town wherever he’d minister he was living it out because it was his mindset.

[00:12:15] He was as he was going he always went and connect with people. He must not be much of an introvert.

[00:12:24] He was probably a little bit more than me extroverted and so you know he always had to be around people. But you see that. But again we also realize that Paul probably made that decision that was real and his lifestyle. When you remember after Paul was called to follow Christ it says he went and spent three years in the desert he went spent time to get to know Jesus.

[00:12:49] He went to spend time to really taste and see what the love of Jesus was. And how it touch his life. So it was not only a decision a lifestyle but thirdly it was a proactive he was very proactive to win as many as possible he connected so he could relate. Every person you touch base with they they connect different right? We’re all so unique and and God showed Paul how he could connect and as he was going he was looking for opportunities to connect. He was looking for opportunities to share. He was looking for opportunities not just to know the people but that the people would know Jesus.

[00:13:41] He was going and he was inviting and again that was his being proactive.

[00:13:48] The fourth thing I see in this passage is that winning people to Jesus is the one of the benefits and blessings of the Gospel. Look at the last verse there, it says I do this all (verse 23) for the sake of the Gospel that I may share in its blessing. He realized something that I think we may have we don’t see. I wondered times when we become like it’s very easy for me to become very welcoming and not see the need to go reach new people for Christ? Now what happens is I forget how important new people to Christ are in the body of Christ. Think about the questions they ask.

[00:14:35] Boy that helps us grow doesn’t it? I Remember the I remember a guy that led to Christ and he was he was rough and in fact take him in his wife came to me and asked me if I’d do their wedding I says I can’t. You guys aren’t you shouldn’t be married number one and number two you aren’t right with the Lord. And and they walked out. I said I’ll never see Kenny again. You know what. About six weeks, about three months later I get it. I get a phone call from Kenny. He said Moose, we’re ready to get married now.

[00:15:06] What happened? He says well we both came to Christ. We’re both growing in Christ. And he says you said that’s what we had to do. And Kenny came and Kenny asked questions that no one else would ask. Kenny was a guy. And you know all of a sudden it just helped all of us guys to grow because of Kenny. And I think that we failed to realize the blessing of that new person in Christ.

[00:15:38] And we’re waiting and we’re waiting and we’re welcoming, but maybe God wants us to be doing more, and going. Because that was Paul’s lifestyle because we see that his goal was winning people to Jesus. Because it was a benefit for him and the Church. And he says that’s the blessing of growing so we see Paul lived in inviting lifestyle.

[00:16:04] But what do you think caused Paul to make that decision? What do you think brought Paul to this place.

[00:16:12] It just happened right? I don’t think so.

[00:16:16] And it’s not going to just happen with us either folks. And and I could try and I’m not. Listen very carefully. I’m not trying to sit here and make anybody stand here make anybody feel guilty OK. Because I’m working with this. Someone said about sermon. This is one Moose needs there too. So because I’m a well made person not inviting as much as I could be. So I need, we need to realize what caused Paul to make that decision to live an inviting lifestyle.

[00:16:48] I have an illustration that I think will help us.

[00:16:56] What do you think about that huh. Look they all smile. I’ll tell you what. They look good but they’re better when they’re just a little warm and they have just that you know you take them you tear them apart and you start to see you can have the one with the nuts or the one start and you take that and you tear it apart in just a little while.

[00:17:20] I always have to have a cup of milk with mine. You’d want your coffee with yours and you. You eat those you know. The trouble is you can all tell me there’s good sweet roll someplace you don’t know.

[00:17:35] That’s the standard. This is my standard. You know why? My wife makes them so they’re made with love.

[00:17:44] She’s made him a lot of times and the thing is you know when you get up you eat them you tear apart. You got to taste them. You’ve got to really you know. And then you have you always have a stick on your finger right. You don’t wipe that off when I don’t. Don’t waste that on a napkin.

[00:18:05] Right here right.

[00:18:08] But do you see what I’m telling you this is exactly what happened to Paul. Paul tasted and saw how great a savior was. Paul tasted and saw how important Jesus was to him and because of that he couldn’t help but share. In fact turned with me to second Corinthians 5 14-15 because Paul puts this together and Paul put it together very clearly when he says for Christ love what compels me it compels us because we are convinced that one died for all and therefore all died and we die. And he died for all that those who live should no longer live for themselves but for him who died for them and was raised again. Do you see what that passage tells me or tells us?

[00:19:13] Paul had the privilege of tasting and seeing. You’re not convinced of something unless it touches our heart and touches our soul.

[00:19:24] And that is why I believe Paul could say I want to become everything to every person so that I might win some day Christ. He loved his savior he loved to save your salvation.

[00:19:46] And I think that’s what we need to start to know if we’re really going to have a change here.

[00:19:55] You know I can put that picture and I told I told you that we can’t leave that picture up too long because I can’t preach or that picture behind me because I’ll take it away. But that still doesn’t do you any good does it. You can imagine in your head what those

[00:20:13] sweet rolls tastes like. But I wonder how many times we as followers of Christ have not taken the time to really taste and see who Jesus is? We have not had the privilege of understanding the full benefit our salvation. Well I’m saved. Yeah that’s right. We’re saved. Many of you here today are safe. There’s some of you here who who pry don’t know what it is to have a personal relationship with Christ. We’re glad you’re here because we want to talk with you about that. You’ll see some of that here.

[00:20:47] But most of us have had the chance to say wow or saved. You know what, for some of us is our salvation has become old hat right? it Didn’t become old hat for Paul you know why because he’s always having new babies new Christian babies you know new Christian babies do tell me what the set of twins do. They keep you go out all the time right. You’re focused on them. They don’t become old hat.

[00:21:22] They just run your life. New people in Christ do the same thing right?

[00:21:32] They run your life. They keep you focused on Jesus I want to do something a little different today.

[00:21:42] I was going to put a whiteboard up here but I can’t write nice enough to do that. I want us to brainstorm what are the personal benefits of knowing Christ and his great salvation.

[00:21:58] I want us to brainstorm because I think as we start to understand better what how he loves us and what his salvation does for us then we’re going to be able to start to share with other people in our life will start to show it. The FBI when they’re looking for counterfeit money. You know what they do do they study counterfeit money? No they don’t.

[00:22:24] They only studied the real thing. And I’m not sure there’s often enough that we focus on who our savior is and what the full benefits of Christ salvation are.

[00:22:38] So that’s what we’re gonna do. We’re going to take a few moments here and I want you to share what are some of the personal benefits, I have a list of about 18 or 19 that we’ll look at later, but I want us just to share what are the personal benefits of his salvation that we have in Christ? Say it loud I’m hard to hearing ,fans running. Forgiveness.

[00:23:05] Can I add one word to that total forgiveness.

[00:23:09] Wow. What else?

[00:23:12] Peace. What else? Community believers. We have a family.

[00:23:22] What else? Direction of life direction or life purpose. Right. I feel loved. Or another way to put it.

[00:23:36] John 15 I’m chosen and I’m adopted.

[00:23:40] Wow.

[00:23:42] What else? I have the Holy Spirit. Good. What are some of the benefits that we have from being in Jesus? Hope. I was hopeless,

[00:23:59] I now have a hope. I know of a future. Joy. I don’t have to worry about search after pleasure because I have a joy that’s deep within that flows within. The eternal life. Let’s take just a moment and describe eternal life.

[00:24:32] Let’s throw out some terms about eternal life. What does eternal life start? When? Go ahead your right. They have salvation now.

[00:24:47] Today it starts now. And I think too often we think of it’s out there.

[00:24:51] But no it’s now. I have a new abundant life. Well that’s when I didn’t think of an abundant life now that I didn’t have. Any other terms of eternal life?

[00:25:07] Eternal life is not just life. It’s what? It’s in relationship with who? God.

[00:25:16] Jesus Christ. I have a friend that’s closer than a brother. I have all the things that were given to me that Christ have. I have the same Holy Spirit. Someone brought that up.

[00:25:30] I have the Holy Spirit and you have always spirit where? Within us? Good.

[00:25:38] OK. Back to what’s on the list other benefits of our personal ourknowing Jesus Christ and his salvation. Authority over evil I am no longer free for Satan’s taking. I now have authority in Christ Jesus. Wow.

[00:26:06] There’s nothing that goes with that Hebrews is that one about Verse 13 and 14. We also because we’re saved have ministering angels. Is that right.

[00:26:22] Some other benefits?

[00:26:30] Create, doing what you’re created to do. I am now on God’s mission doing what God has called me to do.

[00:26:38] Not purposeless now, purposeful on God’s mission. One or two more.

[00:26:50] I have a spiritual gift. I have God working in me and we can add to that. Not only that gifts but also the fruit right. So I have God transforming me and making me more like him through the through the fruit of the spirit so that I can serve in his power not in my power. Anything else? We become part of the great cloud of witnesses. Good. OK.

[00:27:19] Because of Christ. Good. Did I hear another one too.

[00:27:29] Go ahead right.

[00:27:36] We did not have to earn it. We did not have to work for it. But by Grace it’s given to us and it’s God’s working in us. Now I’m gonna run through the list because we almost have the same list that together. But the reason I wanted to do this is because I want us to be able to start focusing on these. I wonder what would happen if each day we would focus on another benefit and do that for a month and then just keep doing it. Because all of a sudden it become part of us so that we could then and it would be a tool that we could use for witnessing to. Remember witnessing is not me going up to Jen and say Jen or you saved? witnessing Is me answering the questions that I have because I’m connected with you so that you might come to Christ. Witnessing is so living my life that people that I and I tell people that it’s because of Jesus and then let that start to lead right but being able.

[00:28:51] So here’s the here’s the list I was working with as I worked through we were enemies of God. Now we’re children of God. We had no mercy. Now we are objects of God’s mercy. We were dead. Now we’re alive eternally. We were slaves to sin. Now we’re free and Jesus that that one that’s one that has really you know even at my age and you say well Dan, and you should have your act all together spiritually. Guess what.

[00:29:23] At our age as we get older we start to see our sin more and the thing is but that the beauty of it is I’m not a slave that anymore in Christ I can say no when I can overcome and so I’m not a slave to that sin. Hopeless.

[00:29:42] Now I have hope. Guilty now. Totally forgiven Wow. Did you hear that.

[00:29:51] There’s some of you who need to hear that today because you’re still struggling with her brother and sister. I know what it means to struggle with it. I know what it means to go to prayer and as you’re praying all of a sudden Satan says well remember Moose you did that do you ever have that one. They don’t say Moose. He says something else to you. But remember you did that.

[00:30:12] And what happens immediately? It just kind of but being totally forgiven I can come back and say no.

[00:30:23] You know I’ve confessed deaths in Christ is fully forgiven that sin.

[00:30:27] And today I’m free in Christ. Wow. Now totally forgiven I alienated but now I’m a friend of God.

[00:30:39] I was lonely but now I’m in God’s family. I had conflict with them. But now I’m at peace not only with God but I have peace with other people that didn’t before fear. We didn’t bring up fear because of fear that bound us. We now have confidence in God. We know who holds our future. We know that God is caring for us. We used to seek pleasure. Now we have true joy.

[00:31:06] Here’s another one we didn’t bring up shame. And if you struggle with shame. Don’t raise your hand. That’s not a rhetorical question. You start with shame. Romans 8 speaks that there is what no condemnation. None. None.

[00:31:22] Zero. And if somebody is trying to make you feel shame who is that. It isn’t God and that’s not what we’ve been given you.

[00:31:31] Christ. The world’s folly, God’s wisdom.

[00:31:38] Seek an identity to a new identity I am in Christ. I am a join heir with Jesus. Powerless to change transformation power. Transformational power of the Holy Spirit. Without purpose. Someone brought it out here. We are now chosen. And on God’s personal mission. Wow. It’s not my mission right. And folks remember this, you can say well Moose you and Andy you’re on God’s mission because you’re in vocational Ministry. Does that mean you’re not? Talk to me, exactly right it doesn’t.

[00:32:21] If you’re doing what God called you to do and created you do vocational ministry has nothing to do with not being on God’s mission. If you’re where God wants you to be and you’re serving God faithfully you’re on his mission right? And he’s going to empower you to do that. And that might be raised in children right now this time your life. That might be whatever else. But again we’re on his mission. And the last thing we want to look at.

[00:32:46] Is feel worthless no your bought with a price. What’s the price.

[00:32:54] The blood of Jesus Christ. And as we stop and think about these benefits of his of his salvation then we take time to go back and focus on him. Jesus our savior.

[00:33:08] Then it’s back and tasting and seeing right. And because of that then I could become excited.

[00:33:16] And also moved. And also as Paul was what compelled? Because I’m convinced. Who needs this? Everyone.

[00:33:29] There’s not a person that you’re going to meet tomorrow or the next week or throughout your life that doesn’t need what we have.

[00:33:34] Is that right and how does God move us. How does God move us.

[00:33:40] Folks he wants us to see that we need to determine in our heart our will.

[00:33:49] That we need to start taking some steps and I think here’s some practical steps that will help you to really become that person who is more inviting will help us as church become a church it is going to them and inviting people.

[00:34:03] It will help us as people to to live our live out our salvation in such a way that people are being reached. The first practical step is that we need take to take time to be fully convinced of Jesus and his salvation.

[00:34:21] I’m not sure I know I haven’t. I need to spend more time alone with Jesus.

[00:34:28] None. There’s none of us that can take the three years like Paul did.

[00:34:31] Right? But let’s think a minute.

[00:34:39] Is there three hours this next week that we could take time be alone with Jesus? Just To focus on this just to make your list just to start working that through because until we really re till we really really sham until we really enjoy him until we really love Jesus to that point then it doesn’t become something it overflows. You bring up this question of sweet rolls at my house I’ll talk about. I already have some people in by I invited themselves over. Whatever you heard it. So that again we need to to really become part of it. The second practical step is that we need to daily determine to be more intentional at being all things to all people to win some. A lot of us,

[00:35:35] excuse me, I have no trouble being all things to all people. Do you see what I just forgot to say there to win some day Christ. I’m a natural extrovert.

[00:35:50] I’m a natural person who loves to have to be around people.

[00:35:54] And so to meet people. That’s easy for me but to win some to Christ, That’s a different thing.

[00:36:02] And it’s something that I have to determine daily to say. Dan let’s be a mission that has become my prayer. And then I have to become intentional in thinking on that. And then the third thing that we need to do is pray and watch and be proactive. I think I’ve shared with you all.

[00:36:20] A family friend of mine friend neighbors of ours that we’ve been praying for for six, eight years now.

[00:36:31] And I’ve been praying God give us an opportunity to really get into their lives. And then just before Christmas God kind of shook me and said hey Moose, you want to be in their lives but you’re not opening the doors you’re not going to them and open doors. You have to realize of people who do not know Christ are not gonna step across.

[00:36:52] They’re going to need something else. And so I text them my neighbor guy and I said you know what. If you ever want to be in a Bible study I’d be glad to do whatever takes. Guess what text I got this week.

[00:37:09] Hey Moose,

[00:37:10] When’s your Bible study? I Says, we have one at 6;30 down here on Tuesday mornings. He says that won’t work. He says I’m not up for 6:30 for Bible study.

[00:37:19] I knew that. But then I.

[00:37:23] Then he came over yesterday. He came over I was working on my snowblower and he can comes over and he says, Moose,

[00:37:29] When can we get together? I still want to get together.

[00:37:33] But he would have done it if I had started to reach out. And it took me six years to be proactive and I’m not proud of that fact.

[00:37:46] I’m just telling you that fact because I know the sermons for me to. But so then I need to become a person who is praying for people’s salvation watching for open to opportunities but then being proactive because if they make any movement I am going to step out and say I say Lord lead me Lord lead me Lord lead me. And then if I really focused on those benefits we’re talking about and they come to me and say well then you know I really struggle with fear.

[00:38:20] Where do we go we start talking about the benefit of Christ’s salvation about fear right? The person talks about shame we say well you know and you can start share and I can say for sure and how it affected me.

[00:38:36] You see what’s happened I’m starting to see myself becoming inviting. And if we as individuals become inviting what will our church become? Inviting. And if we’re going to see the kingdom advanced here in in Northeast and as God has called us to we need to be the people go to. As we close a couple of thoughts to ponder.

[00:39:11] Number one, I’m not sure everyone here as I said earlier knows Jesus Christ. If there’s anyone here today who doesn’t know Jesus Christ. You just heard about 15 or sixteen, well more that that. Twenty or twenty five benefits of being in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I would like to invite you to come to know him. You say darn well how do we do that. Well number one. First of all you need to realize that you need Jesus. You need a savior so.

[00:39:43] And what I’ve found out is because of my sin, my sin has separated me from God and because of being separated from God I had to come to Jesus. And I realize that Jesus is the only one who paid the full price through his death on the cross. And I asked Jesus to forgive me and to come into my life and to become my personal lord and savior. You know what? He did that. I can still tell you where I was sitting the day it happened.

[00:40:09] And the guy sitting next to me said Moose you’re a good kid.

[00:40:12] You don’t need salvation. I said you don’t know my heart God can pick me in my heart. If there’s anyone here who doesn’t know Jesus Christ as your savior today. Talk to one of us. We’d love to help you step through the process.

[00:40:28] Secondly here’s a second thought to ponder, how has knowing Jesus and his salvation changed your life?

[00:40:39] You can’t answer that one right now because that could take a whole day and maybe you want to go home and spend time answering that question. Write out the answer that and work through the benefits of that salvation because again that becomes your testimony and that becomes who you are.

[00:40:55] How has Jesus changed your life?

[00:41:01] He’s given me assurance. He’s given me full forgiveness and I’ll tell you what the forgiveness thing is a big part of my life.

[00:41:09] And freedom in it. The Third question now we’re going to start looking at your own life. How would you rate yourself being all things to all people to save some?one to seven. One is low and seven is high.

[00:41:28] Don’t shout out numbers okay where do you rate yourself. 1 to 7.

[00:41:34] On being as Paul was at inviting a person where I’m intentionally going out and trying to build relationships so that I can share Christ?

[00:41:44] Either In specific words or actions or altogether. One to seven. Now here’s the next question, what would it take you to move if it’s a four you said, move to five? If it’s a two you said move to a four? What would it take for that to happen? God wants us to be his people and he says go into all the world make disciples right?

[00:42:22] And we can do it in his power but again we have to have the heart changed so that we’ll do it.

[00:42:33] As we close today before I pray, we’re gonna have communion today. You see the communion elements out front. And again this worked real good because what does Jesus say with communion.

[00:42:48] Take any come taste and see as you come for communion today, as you I would ask you to think about what has Jesus done?

[00:43:00] What is Jesus doing in my life? How Has he changed me? How has he transformed me.

[00:43:07] He tells us very clearly in Luke. He says it says and he took the bread and when he gave thanks he broke it and he gave it to them saying this is my body given for you What? do This in remembrance of me. Again taste and see remember anew. And then in the same way after supper he took the cup saying this cup is a new company in my blood which is poured out for you.

[00:43:32] What’s he saying again.

[00:43:34] Taste and see. Because he wants us to be living out of that abundance. And that joy of his transformation. Let’s pray.

[00:43:51] Father we thank you for what you have done for us through Jesus Christ. Lord it’s it’s overwhelming, how do we even get a handle on it? Because you have our salvation is so multifaceted and it is is it affects so much of us and each and every area of our life. It’s not just our spiritual life it’s our our emotional life it’s our our hearts our soul our health our social relationships and it’s all because of what you fathered have done for us through Jesus Christ. And Lord today as we come we we come with heart saying thank you, but Lord we pray that you would drive this whole much much deeper so that it would overwhelm us. And so father that we and the power of your spirit would be able to really be those inviting people those people who would go to other people. Father, lead us lead us we are your children.

[00:44:59] I pray Father specifically if there is anyone here who does. Has Never Been, stepped into that relationship with you by faith through Jesus Christ. I pray Father to draw that person to yourself today. So they might enjoy that great salvation and really more than that. Enjoy you Lord Jesus. Enjoy you. Father, meet us. And Lord we pray you take these very common elements this bread and this juice and fathers we take time to to remember again help us to taste and see and minister to our hearts and our souls in a way that only you can do for your kingdom’s sake.

[00:45:46] Lord we’re yours. Use us, for we ask it in Jesus name. Amen.

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